Five The Hierophant have begun preparations for voyage of audio discovery at Roadburn

London’s Five The Hierophant caught our ear before the release of this year’s Through The Aureate Void, but that album cemented the mysterious band as ones to watch for us. It’s with great pleasure that we announce their Roadburn debut for this coming April. 

If you’re yet to dive into the murky waters of this psychedelic troupe, then prepare yourselves for an immersive experience; droney soundscapes are punctuated with jazz-like flair. According to the band they utilised saxophone, music saw and zither (yes, we googled it too) to create their distinctive doom-jazz-drone hybrid. 

Swaying from bombastic to hypnotic and back again, Five The Hierophant have struck upon something that is capable of feeling all-consuming. The ability to transport us away to somewhere entirely new is not exactly uncommon amongst Roadburn alumni, but it’s always welcome – and Five The Hierophant have begun preparations for this particular voyage of audio discovery. Join us. 

Becky Laverty

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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