Forndom brings Old Norse times to Roadburn 2020

Appearing out of a shadowy mist in 2015, H.L.H. Swärd, the sole member of Swedish entity Forndom, almost instantly captured our collective imagination with a brilliant evocation of Nordic culture and history. In a similar fashion to former Roadburn trailblazers Heilung or Wardruna, Swärd uses traditional Scandinavian instruments, creates melodies that hark back to the music of such times, and envelops us completely in the world and mythology of his region.

After the success of Forndom‘s debut album Dauðra Dura, 2020 will finally see the release of its successor, Faþir, of which we already expect to hear something at Roadburn. Swärd has said about it that it is “the album which I thought was going to be my very last one, but which I know now, is only the beginning of something new,”  so we are deeply consumed by anticipation and curiosity. However the setlist looks like, we are eager to revisit a culture that means so much to all of us once again, now through the unique sonic lens of Forndom.

On the subject of the Roadburn show, he adds: “Performing at Roadburn which have hosted so many great acts over the past two decades is nothing but a true honour. Something very special will be prepared for this occasion, worthy as the ending of a twelve day tour across Europe.”

José Carlos Santos / January 2020

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame