Full of Hell artist in residence Roadburn 2020

Every edition of Roadburn has an Artist in Residence who will perform multiple times across the four days of the festival – each time showcasing a different facet of their creativity. Much like with other aspects Roadburn 2020, this year we’re mixing things up a bit; for the first time there will be two Artist In Residence positions…

Full of Hell released one of the most exciting albums of 2019 in the form of Weeping Choir – a pulverising slab of unrelenting death metal. That alone would be enough to warrant our ears pricking up and considering them for a slot on the festival, such was the force of its impact. In the context of their extensive back catalogue, Weeping Choir is the latest in a long line of releases that combines extreme heaviness with curious experimentation, traversing through multiple genres along the way.

With 30+ releases – EPs, splits, full lengths and more – there’s rich pickings to pull together material for four distinctive sets at Roadburn 2020. Full of Hell will perform Weeping Choir in full, as well as sister album Trumpeting Ecstasy. Also on the slate is a set comprising of their early material including songs from Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, as well as early 7” releases – and perhaps even a couple of covers thrown in for good measure.

The twist in the tale is that for one of their four sets they will collaborate with fellow Artist In Residence Kristin Hayter AKA Lingua Ignota. With two enormous talents merging together in this incredibly special way, we’re pretty sure that sparks are going to fly come April.

Full of Hell comment: “We are truly thrilled and honored to be invited back to Roadburn in 2020 as an artist in residence. We have always considered Walter and the Roadburn family to be curators of the highest order and we have been huge fans of the festival as far back as I can remember, so it means quite a lot to us to be able to have such a big role next year. We are working hard to learn and re-learn many songs we never would have played (or played again!) otherwise, so this should be something unique for everyone, especially us. See you out there!”

The purpose of hosting an Artist In Residence is to celebrate the many forms that one artist can shapeshift into. It has always taken us – bands, audience, and organisers – in new and unexpected directions. With Full of Hell, we may be headed down one of the darkest avenues yet, but consider us fully signed up – join us, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

Becky Laverty / September 2019

Date: April 16-19

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA