Fvnerals will play at Roadburn 2020 as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curation

Things have been somewhat stop-start for Fvnerals over the past couple of years, however it’s safe to say that the ‘go’ button has been activated of late. If you have caught them live recently with Emma Ruth Rundle, you’ll know that their darkly captivating heavy slowcore is a mesmerising watch. Evidently Emma was bowled over enough to invite them to participate in her curated event, The Gilded Cage.

Their 2016 album, Wounds, is a creeping, eerie voyage through some incredibly dark shadows. Dripping with lethargic menace and hazy atmospherics, Fvnerals paint a sonic landscape that feels devoid of sunlight, absolute desolation pervades. News has reached us that writing will soon commence for their next opus due out in late 2020. Whilst Fvnerals are not a cheery prospect, they are a strangely alluring one. We’re delighted to welcome them to Roadburn 2020.

Emma comments: “It’s been a pleasure to come to know Fvnerals over the last few years through touring. We first met in the UK in 2017 and did a short run of shows together. I was really moved by the tone of Tiffany’s voice and live looped harmonies as well as Syd’s guitar tone. They will be bringing a dark elegant doom element to the festival.”

The band adds: “Playing Roadburn has been a dream of ours for a long time. We feel very happy to be given the chance to be part of this year’s edition amongst so many of our favourite artists. We can’t wait!”

Fvnerals will play at Roadburn 2020 as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curation.

Becky Laverty / October 2019

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Green Room

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