Gore reunite at Roadburn with their classic Lifelong Deadline line-up!

As we told you before Roadburn 2018 had even started: the legendary GORE have returned, and that obviously means that Roadburn will host their long-awaited reunion in 2019!

The classic line up of Van Reede (guitar), Marij Hel (bass) and Bardo Maria (drums), responsible for the stone cold classic that was Lifelong Deadline, released in 1992. Although often an unsung influence, GORE have been at the genesis of several big genres that we are all too familiar with these days. The monolithic aggression of their first albums was as noise rock as it was hardcore, as sludge as it was industrial, all rolled up in a big black (pun enthusiastically intended) ball of tension and belligerence. Lifelong Deadline was the step up, when all that had come before was mixed with a technical proficiency that only elevated the levels of intensity and frantic relentlessness.

So that you’re prepared for what promises to be a serious punch-in-the-face kind of performance, this landmark album will be re-released in early 2019, mixed by none other than the mighty Terry Date, who’s worked with a few bands you might have heard of, such as Slayer, Dark Angel, Pantera or Soundgarden. The Roadburn show will be the absolute live premiere of this reunion, so you can either be there or have a Bad Ideas Obsession (geddit?) and miss a historic occasion in the making.

GORE will kick ass at Roadburn 2019 on Saturday, April 13.

Date: April 13

Time: 16.10-17.10

Stage: Koepelhal

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