GosT to party Roadburn 2018 into oblivion

As one of many talented newer artists drawing inspiration from the roots of 70s synth masters like John Carpenter and Giorgio Moroder, GosT has been hard at work and impressing fans of the burgeoning synthwave genre for the past five years. From laser-precision neon synthesizer sounds that harken back to sci-fi of the 80s to pitch black horror, albums like Non Paradisi and Behemoth manage to capture a broad range of the synthesized spectrum without missing a beat.  

Although GosT is cloaked in a thick fog of mystery, the little we do know about the elusive producer gives us reason to believe he’ll be right at home at Roadburn. Don’t be fooled by the costume and the theatrics; underneath the mask and cloak beats a human heart inspired by the showbiz sparkle of KISS, dedicated to the hooks of 80s pop, and determined to inject some serious heaviness into electronic music. So far, he’s not only succeeding at the latter, he’s continuously breaking new ground. 

With a balance of slick aesthetic and grimy bass synthesizer grounding it all, we’re thrilled to invite GosT to help us party into oblivion at Roadburn 2018. For those of us hoping to dance ourselves into and through states of delirium and decadence, this will be an absolute must. 

GosT will perform on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue.

Date: April 22

Time: 23.30

Stage: Green Room