Hangman’s Chair will play Banlieue Triste in full during their Roadburn performance as part of James Kent's curation

Making a return to Roadburn – this time under the curatorship of James Kent – is France’s Hangman’s Chair. The cathartic doom/post-punk combination will be familiar to Roadburners who witnessed them back in 2016, but the intervening years have only seen the four-piece pick up the pace.

Their 2018 album Banlieue Triste (which featured James in his Perturbator guise, and Wolvennest’s Marc de Backer), was an emotive invitation to wander around the desolate landscapes that Hangman’s Chair inhabit. That the two artists found common ground is a testament to both their open minded nature and their expansive creativity – and we’re thrilled to extend that bond to include a performance at Roadburn 2020.

Of his selection, James comments: “Having worked with them on their latest album, Banlieue Triste, and being very good friends of mine, some might think I may be a bit biased when talking about Hangman’s Chair. But their unique brand of melancholic heavy doom is unquestionably what makes them one of the most introspective, gut-wrenching and soul-crushing bands you’ll have the chance to listen to in years. France’s finest.”

If you missed Banlieue Triste – then now’s the time to backtrack and get familiar – Hangman’s Chair will play the album in full during their Roadburn performance. Sink into the melancholic explorations of some of the darkest places they have been. It will be good preparation for the emotional journey they’ll take you on, next April. You may come out the other side a slightly changed individual, but you’ll be all the better for it.

Becky Laverty / October 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal

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