Heilung bring their shamanic, otherworldly vibe from early Medieval Northern Europe to Roadburn

Among the first clutch of bands to be announced for Roadburn 2019, Heilung are already making significant waves. With their live performances as their anchor points, they describe their ethos as “amplified history” from early Medieval Northern Europe – a fitting summation of the shamanic, otherworldly vibe of their stage show.

We’re thrilled that this Danish ensemble will be gracing us with their presence in Tilburg; an opportunity to free ourselves from the shackles of modern life and immerse ourselves in the ethereal, Viking historical tales of Heilung. The band name is translated as “healing” which is apt – converts to the Heilung way of life may well feel cleansed and renewed after experiencing them live.

Due to overwhelming demand, and their audience’s voracious appetite for more material, Heilung released a live recording of an entire live show which hints at their magical and opulent live spectacle. At the time of writing – a mere nine months after this live show was made available on Youtube – the LIFA video has notched up close to two million views.

Heilung are going places; in their own way, and at their own speed. Whether you join their journey or not is up to you, but we’re 100% on board and ready to set sail.

Date: April 11

Time: 21.15-22.30

Stage: Main Stage

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