Hooded Menance to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Fulfill The Curse

Since their earliest rumblings, Finnish cult doomsters Hooded Menace have held an astonishingly high profile in the underground realms. Their uniquely energetic take on the classic hybrid of doom and death metal has been invigorating audience since the release of their 2008 classic, Fulfill the Curse.

While these hoodie-clad madmen are poised to drop another slab of sludgy filth on us before chaos descends on Tilburg this coming April, we’ll be joining Hooded Menace in a return visit to this game-changing debut as a celebration of its tenth anniversary. Fans of depraved death metal and soul-crushing doom will find their itches scratched raw as Fulfill the Curse is performed live in its entirety.

Says the band: “With utter excitement and gratitude we embrace the opportunity to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our debut album by performing it in its entirety at Roadburn Festival in 2018. Some of this material has never been played live before, and we can’t think of a better fitting festival than Roadburn for conjuring up the primal curse of the skeletal dead. Don’t move… don’t breathe… don’t let them hear your heart beating…”

The curse will finally be fulfilled in its intended format on Thursday, 19 April at Het Patronaat as part of Roadburn 2018’s festivities.

Ben Handelman / December 2017

Date: April 19

Time: 22.00

Stage: Het Patronaat