Huntsmen to perform American Scrap at Roadburn 2022

Huntsmen are a deeply American band, their music inspired by the scenery and way of life that could only exist in the American Midwest. Their debut album, American Scrap, was a succinct painting of that way of life, told in a stylistically unique fusion of Americana and doomy sludge metal. The peaks and valleys of life are an essential part of life, an idea that Huntsmen match in their post-metal epics that range from quiet and pensive to earth-shaking, Neurosian doom. Conceptually, the scope is zoomed out from the smaller, more personal tales on American Scrap to a fleshed-out, full concept album on follow up, Mandala of Fear, telling a fictional—for now—tale of the apocalypse after endless war. 

It is American Scrap that Huntsmen will focus on when they perform for us next April, bringing those stories to life in Tilburg. The paradox of the American dream being built by a nation of immigrants gives ample fuel for exploring the dichotomy between pride and shame, between loyalty and division, all through a deeply personal lens. We are excited to welcome Huntsmen to the Roadburn 2022 lineup; their loving and localized take on multiple genres will add a Chicago flavor to the weekend. 

Of their performance, the band comments:
“It’s been a dream for us to merely attend Roadburn, so one could imagine how absolutely thrilled and honored we are to be part of such a wonderful festival.”

Vince Bellino

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA