Igorrr Wil Make Us Lose Our Minds At Roadburn 2018

Go on, admit it – whenever you read a review where a band or artist is described as “totally insane”, or some similar term, you don’t really buy it anymore, do you? Sure, it can be a little unusual, mix a few unlikely elements, but in this shock value-less day and age, when was the last time you heard something that really, really threw you off?

Well, right now, there are two good answers to that – either it was the first time you heard Igorrr, or it’s about to be, if you haven’t heard them yet. The brainchild of French composer and multi-instrumentist Gautier Serre (whom the more underground-minded among you might remember from the super crazy – yeah, the man has a pattern – grind/death metal/breakcore project Whourkr a few years ago), Igorrr is genuinely disorienting. One of the most excitingly unpredictable acts in any genre you might want to try and shove them into, its wild character and fearless will to experiment are the staples of the sort of creativity we fiercely stand behind at Roadburn.

As always with these things, it took a while for the rest of the world to catch up with Gautier‘s vision. Stomaching an electronic blastbeat, some quiet piano-led chanson, harsh skewed drum’n’bass beats and 30s jazz in the space of a single song – and, often, actually happening at the same time – isn’t exactly a renowned capability of the general public, but after a couple of self-released titles, 2010‘s Nostril and 2012‘s Hallelujah really started to turn, and probably injure, a sizeable number of necks.

This year’s Metal Blade-issued Savage Sinusoid, however, really does feel like Igorrr‘s true arrival at a bigger stage. A satisfyingly exhausting tour de force, it contains more density, unexpected turns, heaviness, craziness and mashed up genres in 40 minutes than most bands will ever achieve if they’re given 40 years to do it. It sounds like absolutely nothing else, and from one minute to the other, it doesn’t even sound like itself. What choice did we have but to bring this wrecking ball of delirious creativity to Roadburn and see and hear for ourselves how it all translates to the stage with a full band playing it? None whatsoever, and we’re very happy about it.

Gautier is too: “For many years I’ve wanted to go to Roadburn – as a member of the audience or as an artist; the festival has become a major and significant place for musical freedom and innovative bands. I’m very glad this year to be a part of it, all of us in the band are,” he told us.

Igorrr will up the insanity on Friday, 20 April at the 013 venue.

José Carlos Santos / September 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 23.30

Stage: Koepelhal