Jacob Bannon to curate on Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st

Although best known to most as the front man for Converge, Jacob Bannon has many strings to his considerable bow. In terms of musical output, his contributions to – and deviations from – Converge’s path have indicated an experimental and eclectic frame of reference and an appetite for pushing artistic boundaries.

Running parallel to his audio creativity has been the incredible body of visual work amassed by Bannon over the years. Having created artwork for bands such as Trap Them, Every Time I Die and Integrity over the years, arguably Bannon’s most iconic piece of visual art remains the Converge Jane Doe album cover. As founder of Deathwish Inc. label, he has also turned his attention to the creative endeavours of others, releasing albums by Oathbreaker, Wovenhand, Deafheaven and Young And In The Way among many, many others.

When Converge performed two groundbreaking sets at Roadburn 2016, followed by Jacob’s Wear Your Wounds set at Roadburn 2017, we knew we’d found a kindred spirit. Typically our curators have a passion for uncovering hidden gems and exploring collaborative possibilities with a highly attuned instinctive ear. Their respect for and knowledge of heritage acts isn’t hindered by their passion for new music driving them forward. These are all qualities we found in abundance with Jacob. His influence is broad and his Roadburn wish list is very much in tune with our own visions.

Jacob commented:

“It is an honor to be working as the curator for Roadburn Festival 2018. The festival is unlike any other, showcasing the most forward thinking artists and musicians of the heavy music world. As this year’s curator I will reach across its sub-genres to bring together an array incredible bands/musicians; expanding the reach of the festival while celebrating the world of extreme music that we all love.”

We are thrilled to welcome Jacob Bannon to the Roadburn family once again for the 2018 edition of the festival.

Jacob Bannon will curate the main stage at the 013 venue on Friday, 20 April, and Het Patronaat on Saturday, 21 April.

Photography by Reid Haithcock

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