We’re thrilled to have James Kent (AKA Perturbator) on board as our curator.

Each year we give over a slice of Roadburn’s line up to a carefully hand picked curator; they put their distinctive stamp on a corner of the festival and make it their own. For 2020, we have not one but two curators stepping up to the plate. Operating entirely separately, and connected by little more than their common association with Roadburn Festival – and of course their insatiable appetite for creativity – Roadburn’s 2020 curators are limbering up to deliver something special. Expect the unexpected.

Few artists have straddled metal and electronic audiences as effortlessly as Perturbator. With personal tastes deeply rooted in metal, and an output that pulsates with digital slickness, James Kent embodies everything that is exciting about dark synth music today. His refreshing approach to creativity and his ability to explore heaviness in innovative ways makes him an ideal candidate for Roadburn’s 2020 curatorship role. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

“Roadburn has been for many years to me the most interesting festival when it comes to metal and alternative music in general. Always in good taste, an open mind and an eye for new ideas, it is obvious that the people behind it are extremely passionate about bringing the best acts out there. That is why it is truly an immense honor for me to be the next Roadburn curator and I intend to keep to the tradition of inviting artists that will fascinate.”

Roadburn’s Walter comments: “Even before James played Roadburn in 2017 we knew something special was going on with Perturbator. To me, he represents a very exciting wave of up and coming artists that are defying expectations and mixing things up in a very exciting way. We’ve watched the progression with keen interest and we’re extremely eager to see how James makes full use of this new avenue that is his to explore as he sees fit.”

With an artist that draws influence from a myriad of places, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what direction this curation will go in – and we’ve been privy to his ideas! Defying easy categorisation seems somewhat par for the course; once you think you have it figured out, along comes a curveball. But regardless of which genres provide the richest pickings we know we’re in for quite the ride.

Announcements will follow in the coming months, but for now, rest assured that this part of Roadburn 2020 is about to get weird, dark and wild.

Becky Laverty / August 2019

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