COMMISSIONED: James Kent & Johannes Persson perform Final Light

Commissioned projects at Roadburn are usually crafted under a certain amount of time pressure; from the approach to the delivery things often move at break-neck speed. Unusually, and of course due to circumstances beyond all our controls, the pairing of James Kent (Perturbator) and Johannes Persson (Cult of Luna) has been given additional room to breathe and time to ferment. 

What will be presented on the main stage at Roadburn 2022 is still shrouded in mystery, which of course, is half the appeal. The lack of genre boundaries restraining the pair leaves them free to explore a rich palette of sonic options and craft something unique – something that could only spawn from this particular meeting of minds. 

The intervening months of ‘down time’ – by which we really mean time off the road, as these creative minds never stop whirring – has allowed the perceptible form of the project to take on  at least one additional feature that we can talk about. Specifically, a name: the performance is titled Final Light. If that additional detail gets your mind whirring too, then join the club.

“Time has become a relative term these last two years. In some sense it feels like yesterday when I was in Paris working with James on the songs, stressing out because Roadburn was getting closer. But it also feels like a lifetime ago when I walked off stage for the last time in…. a long time. And even though it feels logical to pick up where we left off it’s a strange feeling having to re-learn stuff that has never seen the light of day. Everything is weird, everything is a paradox, let’s do it.”

“It’s not going to be easy to come back to it after all that happened these past years, but it is also extremely exciting. Really looking forward to make music with Johannes again and play it for the first time at Roadburn”

It’s such a thrill to not only be inviting these artists back to the Roadburn stage – both have performed at the festival previously – but to have them present such a special, commissioned project that promises to deliver. We’re anticipating an abundance of atmosphere, a highly cinematic ambience, and a mind-boggling array of sound and texture.

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA