It’s with much joy that we welcome Jeromes Dream to Roadburn 2020

A two decades long absence did little to dull the jagged edges of Jeromes Dream. They came hurtling back into our lives earlier this year with their newest album, titled LP, reminding us what we’d been missing. That angular anguish and skin scraping abrasion is still there, but there is admittedly more nuance and a few notable junctures of what could be described as atmospheric, almost shoegaze-esque passages. Time may not have eroded the spikiness of this band, but it has added a little more order to the chaos.

So, it’s with much joy that we welcome Jeromes Dream to Roadburn 2020. It’s not just because we want to corner them and quiz them about their part in a scene that has proven to be so influential and generated so many beloved, treasured records – that is, in fact, just a potential bonus. However, their history is inescapable, woven throughout their newer output and entwined with who and what the band is now, in the present day; the sound of growing up never seemed so appealing.

The band comment: “We’re truly honored to be invited to participate in such an amazing lineup of artists. We cannot wait.”

Jeromes Dream will play Roadburn 2020.

Becky Lavery / December 2019

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal