Jonathan Hultén To Haunt Roadburn 2018 like a lonely ghost

Tribulation have been one of the great revelations of the past few years, a band risen from the Swedish underground to become one of the hottest properties in the European scene right now. Here at Roadburn we recognised their immense talent and they played in the 2014 edition already, and now, we’ll also be one of the first to show you that the branches of Tribulation stretch a bit further than what meets the eye.

We already knew guitarist Jonathan Hultén was a gifted artist whose talents extend far beyond electric guitar playing (he’s done artwork for several bands and directed a Tribulation video, just to mention a few things within our musical world), but his The Dark Night Of The Soul, four song EP released last August was a true revelation.

Maintaining the ghostly, night-creeping kind of image Tribulation themselves cultivate, The Dark Night Of The Soul features Jonathan at his most bare and unguarded, musically speaking. Singing softly yet with unwavering conviction, accompanied by his acoustic guitar and an occasional piano, he comes across as a nightly Nick Drake through affecting, uncluttered dark folk songs. It is our pleasure to welcome this promising singer/songwriter to the Roadburn stage and see how his peculiar brand of intimate, confidential darkness unfolds before us.

Jonathan Hultén will haunt Roadburn 2018 on Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat.

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 15.30

Type: Het Patronaat

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