Join us in celebrating Julie Christmas at Roadburn 2020

Julie Christmas has one of the most distinctive voices in alternative, discordant music – and it’s a thrill for us to announce that we’ve not heard the last of that glorious voice at Roadburn. From Made Out of Babies, through Battle of Mice, as a solo artist, and as a collaborator with Cult of Luna on their stunning 2016 album, Mariner, Julie has left a distinctive, subtle but indelible bruise on our record collections.

Her back catalogue is varied but all branded with a distinctive Christmas flair, so whichever route she takes, it’s a rabbit hole that we’re ready and willing to follow her down. At Roadburn 2020, Julie will perform a special, exclusive set comprising of both old favourites from previous projects and solo releases, as well as new material. Read that again: new material. Start the clock as we cannot wait to start the countdown to hear what direction this innovative artist takes her music in.

Those who witnessed the creative chemistry between Julie and her Mariner cohort, Johannes Persson, may not be surprised to learn that the pair were eager to work together again. He will join her on stage, alongside – among others – ex-Kylesa guitarist, Laura Pleasants. Already a backing band to die for.

Julie comments: “Walter and his team put their hearts into Roadburn and have created a living museum of heavy music. You’re lucky if you get to go once, and you always want to go back. For Roadburn 2020, I’m bringing songs that deserve to be played – and not left for dead. I’ll be on stage with a Lion, a Light Ray, a Chameleon, a Question Mark, A Translator and a Survivor.”

Join us in celebrating Julie Christmas at Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty / August 2019

Pic: Seldon Hunt

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Main stage

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