Kælan Mikla bring their shimmering synthpop back to Roadburn

Kælan Mikla make synthpop that is as dark and alluring as it is danceable. It has earned the trio many fans, us and The Cure frontman Robert Smith among them. The songs on their new album, Undir Köldum Norðurljósum or Under the Cold Northern Lights, are all fairy tales that come straight from the mind of the band members, adding another fantastical element to the already compelling music. 

The Icelandic trio’s music is sleek and smooth. Roadburn alumni Alcest make an appearance on Kælan Mikla’s new album, adding an additional layer of hazy blackgaze to the shimmering synths, dancey beats and angelic vocals. The fairy tales in the songs on Undir Köldum Norðurljósum were inspired by the natural beauty of the northern lights or Aurora borealis, a natural phenomenon visible in Iceland. Kælan Mikla will bring the feeling of the northern lights to Roadburn in 2022, commemorating their second performance in Tilburg with a special set: a first-time-ever performance of Undir Köldum Norðurljósum.

“We’re so excited to be part of the amazing Roadburn lineup again,” Kælan Mikla say. “It’s definitely one of our favourite festivals. We couldn’t have imagined a better place to perform our new album, Undir Köldum Norðurljósum, in its entirety for the first time. It’s going to be a magical weekend!”

Vince Bellino

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA