Kælan Mikla to soundtrack the apocalypse with threatening darkwave rumblings at Roadburn 2018

From the barren wasteland of Iceland, comes the barren sounds of Kælan Mikla, a performance art trio who formed just four years ago, after winning a poetry slam at their local library. Armed with thundering bass, hypnotic drums and minimal synth waves, Sólveig Kristjánsdóttir, Margrét Harrysdóttir and Laufey Soffía soundtrack the apocalypse, with threatening darkwave rumblings beneath ominous monologues broadcast in their mother tongue and the occasional cathartic, blood-curdling banshee wail.

Their live performances are a rabid, pulsing, howling trip that flit between mesmerising coquettishness and the feral lashings of wild women, a push and pull of desolate beauty and dystopian panic. Inspired by both their country, and undoubtedly its unique musical legacy, from Björk to Sigur Ros, Kælan Mikla will delight fans of Chelsea Wolfe, Mazzy Star, Daisy Chainsaw, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division and Lydia Lunch.

Having played regularly in Reykjavik, the band have been invited to play homeland festivals Airwaves and Eistnaflug, as well as recently completing a short European tour, but this will be their first invitation to Roadburn, one that should see them embraced by the aural adventurers passing through those hallowed gates of the 013 (on Thursday, April 19).

Offering up odes from their 2016 self-titled debut full-length, and their early experimentations into raw, riot-grrl, post-punk poetry, as gathered on the recent Mánadans, an album of previously unheard demo tracks from 2013 to 2014, Kælan Mikla are a must-see act, one that will soon be added to the ever-growing list of bands who Roadburners will proudly claim they discovered at the festival.

Louise Brown / November 2017

Date: April 19

Time: 20.30

Stage: Hall of Fame