Kairon; IRSE! will make you see the infinity of space while gazing at your shoes at Roadburn 2018

It sounds like a contradiction, right? Mixing shoegaze and space rock, intimacy with expansiveness, looking down vs. looking up. But that’s how beauty is often born, out of contrast, of apparent paradox, of conflict that ends up not being a conflict. Inner space has more in common with outer space than might appear at first, and it’s in the line between those two explorations that Kairon; IRSE! have been fluctuating for a few years already. Their debut album Ujubasajuba was immensely well received, and they followed it up with a mature natural continuation in this year’s Ruination, released through Svart Records (who also reissued the debut on physical formats for the first time).

A short description of what this Finnish quartet sounds like almost reads like a representation of the very genesis of Roadburn itself – journeying through psychedelic, mind-expanding landscapes, Kairon; IRSE! evoke prog, space and post rock, shoegaze and krautrock alike, going from the simplicity of folk to the complexity of King Crimson-like prog heaviness, always shimmering with that sort of hard to pinpoint, wide-eyed fascination that only the best bands can provide. Many Roadburners may also recognise  guitar player – Niko Lehdontie, also known as Ikon – who has also been an Oranssi Pazuzu member since 2016.

Most of all, it’s their timeless quality that really puts Kairon; IRSE! on a special level – while many bands who perform in a similar style paint themselves into a chronological corner, ending up with a hopelessly tacky “retro” approach, if you close your eyes during a Kairon; IRSE! show, you’ll fell like you can either be in 1977, 2017, or 2047. Often, all at the same time.

Kairon; IRSE! defy time and space at Roadburn 2018 on Friday, 20 April.

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 18.30

Stage: Green Room

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