Kungens Män to mark their first decade at Roadburn

Traveling between galaxies at whatever gosh darn pace suits them at that given moment, Swedish jammers Kungens Män will come to Roadburn 2022 in a celebration of their 10 years as a band.

Yes, they were supposed to play in 2020. A lot of things were “supposed to” happen that year, you might recall. But as only appropriate for a band who exist on their own temporal wavelength, Kungens Män will travel from their home in Stockholm and set their controls for the heart of the heart — their sound plumbing the very depths of the otherworldly possibilities in us, inspiring and enlightening.

More than a decade on from first meeting at Roadburn 2009, Kungens Män’s arrival in Tilburg brings them full circle in a way, but even that can barely scratch the surface of the dimensionality they craft in their exploratory work. Something organic, of the earth, and yet completely outside the stratosphere. The celestial within. We can’t wait to be transported.

“Roadburn is the reason Kungens Män even exist,” says the band. “The first time the four founding members of Kungens Män hung out together was when we went to Roadburn in 2009. When we decided to jam in 2012 the only vague musical idea we had was to make some kind of ‘Roadburn music’. So, obviously it is simply incredible to be able to celebrate 10 years as a band on stage at Roadburn!”


JJ Koczan

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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