L'Acéphale to plunge Roadburn 2019 into a terrifying void of darkness

There is a song on L’Acéphale‘s first demo, Mord und Totschlag, called The Book Of Lies, that might just be one of the most hair-raisingly frightening pieces of music ever recorded. It starts with a terribly ominous and over-saturated choir chant, and after a minute it erupts into a barrage of soul-piercing raw riffs and some of the most inhuman shrieks the entire black metal genre has ever produced, and then it proceeds to torture you for almost six minutes. Now that’s how to fucking start your recording career.

Never the most prolific of bands, nor the most well-known, nevertheless L’Acéphale – a band named after a Georges Bataille public review who are primarily the product of main man Set Sothis Nox La‘s delirious creativity (do investigate his other works in Hail and Order Of The Vulture!) – have offered some of the most intelligent music within this genre throughout the years.

While this decade has only witnessed a few small releases, after Malefeasance and Stahlhartes Gehäuse, their only full-lengths, punctuated an unusually productive period in 2008 and 2009, they have all been remarkable, and once we were made aware that the band was getting ready to become more active, we saw the perfect opportunity to satiate our hunger for more L’Acéphale. With the announcement of their self titled, 74-minute album coming this April on Eisenwald, what better time to explore the abyss than now?

Let us step into the void with L’Acéphale when they play Roadburn on Friday, April 12th.

José Carlos Santos / January 2019

Date: April 12

Time: 23.00-23.50

Stage: Hall of Fame

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