Lamp of Murmuur makes European debut at Roadburn 2022

Cult USBM entity Lamp of Murmuur will make its first European appearance at Roadburn 2022. Few artists in recent memory have swept through the dark underground with the excited fervour that Lamp of Murmuur has achieved since first appearing with a string of demos in 2019. Despite the project’s quick rise to renown, little is known about the band except that the project hails from Olympia, WA and is led by an enigmatic man known as M.

There is no shortage of raw black metal projects around the world but the way that M. approaches the genre sets Lamp of Murmuur on a different path than many of its contemporaries. New album Submission and Slavery further expands on Lamp of Murmuur’s love for goth and post-rock, including a Christian Death cover and tribute to Sisters of Mercy with its artwork. Musically, it alludes to heavy metal and hard rock influences without compromising the extreme core of the project. 

Roadburn marks Lamp of Murmuur’s first-ever European performances, which come not long after the band’s first live performance, which takes place later this month. At Roadburn, Lamp of Murmuur will delve deep into their already-extensive discography—11 releases since 2019 began—for a Roadburn-exclusive setlist that also features Submission and Slavery performed in its entirety. 

“Roadburn Festival has been consistently the apex of ‘out-of-the-mold’ artist congregations around the world,” says M. “The festival’s lineup through the years has been nothing but pure excellence, curating some of the most innovative and forward-thinking artists from the whole music spectrum to create an event as enigmatic as it is seductive.”

“To be part of the group of musicians invited to play in such a cultural statement is an honor beyond words, and as such, Lamp Of Murmuur will focus its whole mind and body into delivering a soul crushing experience of obscure and vile black metal.”

-Vince Bellino

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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