As well as participating in Maalstroom, Laster will perform their own set at Roadburn 2019

It would not be possible to capture all that we love about today’s Dutch black metal scene without including one of its most idiosyncratic investigators, Laster. By the time April comes around, they will have their new album available through Prophecy Productions and will be celebrating its release at Roadburn, in what will surely be a heart-warming return to the festival, two years after an unforgettable debut.

As magical as their Roadburn debut was, to merely expect a repetition would be antithetical to both Roadburn and Laster, whose career has been marked by continuous evolution. As for what that next stage will bring, the trio left us a solitary message. “An eye of wax drips upon us.

Come April 13, join us at the Het Patronaat, as we lose ourselves in the new swirls and sways of obscure dance music that Laster have in store.

Luís Pires

Date: April 13

Time: 18.00-19.00

Stage: Het Patronaat

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