Lingua Ignota returns to Roadburn for main stage performance

Each Lingua Ignota release has been laced with honesty and vulnerability, but none more so than her latest opus, Sinner Get Ready.  Kristin Hayter understands that to exude terror doesn’t require raising one’s voice, and it’s in the quietest of moments that her stories are most chilling. That’s not to say that there aren’t cacophonous moments of delirious anguish but they are tempered by the gentle caress of ominous near-silence and sparse arrangements that allow her voice to take centre stage. 

Sinner Get Ready has propelled Lingua Ignota forward, her star is shining brighter than ever – and we’re thrilled to be welcoming her back to Roadburn this coming April. If you were lucky enough to catch her at Roadburn 2019 – or somewhere in between – you’ll know that her performances are raw, compelling, and visceral. And whether you experience her illuminated by a naked bulb or by a main stage spotlight, her own incandescence burns the brightest.

Not only do we admire Kristin as an artist, we feel a kinship with someone who redefines heaviness with such eloquence and a singular drive.  Embodying so much of what we hold dear about underground music, Lingua Ignota is a fearless exploration of its creator’s most intimate imaginings – unrestrained by genre, boundaries, and external expectations. It is with much anticipation that we prepare to welcome Lingua Ignota back to Roadburn. 

On her return to Tilburg, Kristin comments:
“My first experience at Roadburn in 2019 was pivotal, and saw the beginnings of some of my most important friendships as well as a new era for my career. It is inspiring to know that a festival exists where sonic and social diversity are seen as essential to the world of heavy music, and I am honored to return and present Sinner Get Ready in Europe for the first time.”

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA