Artist In Residence: Lingua Ignota

Every edition of Roadburn has an Artist in Residence who will perform multiple times across the four days of the festival – each time showcasing a different facet of their creativity. Much like with other aspects Roadburn 2020, this year we’re mixing things up a bit; for the first time there will be two Artist In Residence positions…

Lingua Ignota is the creative outlet for musical firebrand, Kristin Hayter – an uncompromising and visceral diorama of pain, fragility, power and all that lies between. Her latest release, Caligula, is the sound of strength burgeoning from vulnerability; it’s the sound of boldness and experimentation, and perhaps above all, it’s the sound of raw honesty.

Lingua Ignota performed at Roadburn 2019 and delivered two sets that were emotive beyond measure; delivered under a single bulb, illuminating just enough to make out the incandescence fizzing in the darkness. Three months later, Caligula landed in our laps, demanding a do-over, promising there was still more in the tank. So, we invited Kristin to be an Artist In Residence – to demonstrate just how much of a multifaceted artist she truly is.

She will perform four times over the course of the festival weekend, each set peeling back a layer of the Lingua Ignota form, shining a light in a dark corner. Performing alongside our other Artist In Residence, Full of Hell, some dark forces are sure to be summoned by the unholy noise they’ll make collaboratively. In addition to that, there will be an extremely special covers set (the details of which we will keep under wraps for now) and a performance comprising entirely of All Bitches Die material. The centrepiece of Kristin’s residency will be a grand re-imagining of Caligula – pulled apart and elegantly pieced back together in a new way.

Kristin comments: “After last year’s seminal experience, Roadburn holds a special place in my heart; it is a nexus of community and experimentation. I was thrilled to be asked to be artist in residence for 2020, along with my friends in Full of Hell. Given the opportunity to perform multiple times across the four day festival, to show breadth and depth, is a dream come true. With that time and space I hope to take a transgressive look at my own practice and open myself up to collaboration, to create something unique and unprecedented.”

Far from repeating ourselves with this booking, we feel strongly that we are pushing ever forwards, breaking down more barriers, encouraging exploration and providing a platform for a breathtaking and exciting artist. Lingua Ignota is all of that and more.

Becky Laverty / September 2019

Date: April 16-19

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA