Liturgy to perform two special album sets at Roadburn 2022

When Liturgy last performed at Roadburn, it was at the tiny (and much missed) Batcave venue within the 013. For 2022 we have invited them to return – this time on the main stage – to perform two groundbreaking and exciting shows that we’re delighted to present as part of Thomas Sciarone and Milena Eva’s curated event. The first performance will be on Saturday; the band will perform their 2019 album, H.A.Q.Q, in its entirety. On Sunday, the band will bring to life their 2020 album Origin of the Alimonies, performing it as an opera on the main stage in sync with a film created by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

Few artists view the genre of black metal with the ambition and analytical lens that Liturgy mastermind, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, does. Hunt-Hendrix, a musician, composer, artist and philosopher has a unique approach that results in a craft that defies genre expectations. From its beginnings as a bedroom project, Liturgy has blossomed into an avant-garde take on the genre that doesn’t shy away from presenting a challenge in the form of subject matter or sonic structure. 

Of the two Roadburn performances, Hunt-Hendrix elaborates:

Origin of the Alimonies and H.A.Q.Q. are two sides of the same coin.  I composed the music for both during the same 3-year period (2016-18) and recorded them with the band and additional collaborators (mostly) during the same session in the summer of 2019, before shooting and editing the Origin of the Alimonies film in my living room during 2020 and 2021. I think of them as two incomplete but complementary or opposite attempts to elide the distinctions between metal, classical music, and drama in an artwork with religious or prophetic meaning.” 

H.A.Q.Q., which is a meditation on the reality of God, is more obviously a metal album. I think of Origin more in terms of visual art, as a narrative about the creation of the world and the fall of humanity, using Liturgy’s musical language as a vehicle for a story with a temporal flow that’s closer to cinema or opera. Both were motivated by a kind of unspeakable pain, and each is meant to crystallize heaven on earth in some small and temporary way.  It feels so cool to have the opportunity to present them together live at Roadburn, where they can shed light on one another and exchange energies with other great metal and experimental creations of our moment.”

For the Origin of the Alimonies performance, accompanying the band (comprising guitarist Mario Miron, bassist Tia Vincent-Clark and Leo Didkovsky on drums alongside Hunt-Hendrix) will be an ensemble of hand-picked, classically trained Dutch musicians. We are joined in our excitement by our 2022 curators, Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone who highlighted Liturgy as a bucket list band for them during early talks about the curatorship. They commented:
“Liturgy is responsible for some of the best and most important music of the past decade. It’s a relentless source of awe and inspiration for us. So yes, we are extremely excited to curate two special performances of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and her band for this edition of Roadburn.

At Roadburn we love to celebrate the bold, champion the daring and embrace the experimental; Liturgy tick all three boxes. We’re already counting down the days until these performances come to life on the Roadburn stages in April.
-Becky Laverty

Date: April 23 | April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA