AUDIO AND VIDEO PREMIERES (Pelagic Presents): LLNN will be presenting a special video

As part of Roadburn Redux, we have joined forces with Germany’s Pelagic Records to showcase artists on the label’s roster under the banner ‘Pelagic Presents.’ With no indication of slowing down, this positively prolific label is churning out stellar release after stellar release, even during the last twelve challenging months. Join us as we team up to bring you an exciting collection of premiers, exclusive performances and more. Brace yourselves, we’re going deep…

Few bands bring as much visceral intensity as LLNN, whose pummelling post-apocalyptic sonics are like the soundtrack to the end of the world.

To let us in on their artistic process, LLNN will be presenting a special video at Roadburn Redux that invites us to witness the creation of the sonic universe that surrounds them. As the band explain, most of their evocative sound designs are carefully crafted by the band themselves.

LLNN say: “A big part of the synth, sound design and soundscapes in LLNN are initially created by field recordings and afterwards by modulating the raw audio files in post-production. In this film we showcase the process from the sound recording to the final audio: a production that took place at a blacksmith using various industrial machines.

“For instance, we recorded a metal cutting circular saw and afterwards in post-production transformed and modulated these harsh sounds to become eerie thematic synth-harmonies. As huge fans of classic sci-fi scores and video games, we’re fascinated by how cinematic sound design can evoke certain emotions and let our imagination unfold into abstract storytelling.”

LLNN will be part of Pelagic Presents at Roadburn Redux, between April 16-18.

Hannah May Kilroy

Date: April 18

Time: 14:40 CEST

Type: Audio and Video Premieres