LLNN to perform Unmaker in its entirety

As we all know by now, Roadburn wasn’t able to exist in its usual form in 2021, so we went online and put together a programme of performances, premieres and more for Roadburners around the globe. A standout of Roadburn Redux was the collection of bands showcased under the banner of Pelagic Presents. The German label, helmed by The Ocean’s Robin Staps, has a roster jam-packed with talent – both established acts and must-see up-and-comers. As we worked towards our 2022 edition, we decided we would bring Pelagic Presents with us as we return to the physical realm. 

LLNN are heavy on record, for sure, but live? Live they’re one of the heaviest bands that I – your humble guide – have witnessed. This kind of heaviness is not drawn from a giant amp stack, it doesn’t come from relentless blast beats. The best I can surmise is that it’s just the sheer level of intensity they conjure up; an urgency that is hard to come by. After two years mostly on pause, the volume turned down, it gives cause to wince when imagining coming face to face with the sheer ferocity of an LLNN live show once again. 

Fortunately for us, we have a few months more to come to terms with what will await us in Tilburg in April. The band – who hail from Copenhagen – will be performing their latest album, Unmaker in full for us. This cinematic presentation is chock full of end-of-the-world vibes and heralds what sounds like the dawn of a bleak future. If you’re looking for sunshine and roses, you’re best off looking elsewhere. If you’re looking for nuance, experimentalism, and attention to detail in your obscenely heavy music, then LLNN are the band to deliver it.

“We look forward to bringing our astro sonic metal forged on LV-426 to Roadburn and playing Unmaker in its entirety.

This is LLNN, last survivors of the Nostromo, signing off.”

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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