Maggot Heart will bring primal, gritty rock energy to Roadburn 2018

Maggot Heart might be a relatively recent name to most of us, but the musicians involved in this exciting new band are more than familiar. Centre stage, leading the pack, is none other than Linnéa Olsson, former guitarist for The Oath and Beastmilk / Grave Pleasures, now taking the microphone for the first time too and revealing even more talents than we already recognised her. All this rock-out experience in one place and we’d be more than happy to just plunge off the deep end without hearing a note, with maximum confidence, but Maggot Heart put out an EP called City Girls earlier in the year which truly confirms how special this band is going to be.  

Linnéa is very much the leading light here, and she cuts through the darkness and gloom of the four songs with swagger, a resolute punk attitude and blazing ferocity. Though the songs are catchy in all their lo-fi, sort of garage post punk glory, it’s not a “nice” record: it’s aggressive, it’s bitter, it’s vengeful and it pushes on a lot of uncomfortable buttons that society at large still feels uncomfortable with. Maggot Heart don’t do bullshit – they’re all up in your face, and when April comes, they’ll surely have even more songs that’ll crawl inside your skin and slice it open like a switchblade. Beware! 

Linnéa comments: “I am very happy to finally come and play the legendary Roadburn Festival, and I’m especially proud to do so with my own band. It only proves that the time is right. Me and the guys can’t wait to bring this vision to life at such an inspiring place.” 

 Maggot Heart will be making themselves known by force on Saturday, 21 April at  the 013 venue at Roadburn 2018. 

José Carlos Santos / October 2017

Photo credit: Sara Gewalt

Date: April 21

Time: 23.30

Stage: Green Room

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