Mamaleek will perform as part of The Flenser showcase at Roadburn 2020

In 2020, The Flenser will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the label’s first release. The San Francisco based label has been committed to releasing experimental, avant-garde music for a whole decade – which – naturally – has not escaped our notice here at Roadburn HQ. Among the bands that have a place in the histories of both Roadburn and The Flenser are pivotal artists such as Wreck & Reference, Panopticon, Planning For Burial, Bell Witch – and of course, Have A Nice Life.

To celebrate this milestone and to acknowledge the impact that The Flenser has had on our record collections and the broader musical landscape we have invited several of the label’s current artists to perform at Roadburn 2020. The umbrella of The Flenser showcase gathers together five essential artists who will help to define Roadburn 2020, and the future of this incredibly special label.

The Flenser label manager, Jonathan Tuite comments: “Roadburn is my absolute favorite festival in the world. The lineup is always diverse, the audience enthusiastic, and the curation is second to none. I can’t think of a more appropriate place for The Flenser to celebrate our ten years of existence.”

Given the scarcity of Mamaleek live performances, we are absolutely delighted to have coaxed this rare beast to Tilburg to perform at Roadburn 2020.

Mamaleek have been unearthing truly uncategorizable sounds from the catacombs of black metal since 2008. Founded by two anonymous brothers, the Bay Area project has become known for both its wild experimentation and aesthetic cohesion. The use of left-field samples threads their discography together, with sound sources growing more bizarre with each release. On the most recent LP, Out of Time (2018; The Flenser), elongated horn bursts, decayed snippets of Turkish vocal melodies, and the shattering of unknown objects create a sense that any sound imaginable could be lurking within the next phrase.

Beyond their immense sampled sonic palette, Mamaleek are master musicians in their own right. Creeping riffs are played with a jazz-like dexterity and techniques like counterpoint and polyrhythm–rarely heard in black metal–are unleashed with intensity. This musical interplay is a focal point of the band’s extremely rare live performances. The current lineup mixes childhood friends and total strangers. Their participation is an outgrowth of the core duo, an experiment in a live setting, using instruments and sounds that highlight experimentation and flout genre conventions. Who knows how long this iteration will last before the next metamorphosis. Its success is measured on each occasion, every set a lone wolf unlike others previous or forthcoming.

Mamaleek will perform as part of The Flenser showcase at Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty / November 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal

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