Many Blessings to perform commissioned music at Roadburn Redux

As well as fronting the formidable Primitive Man, Ethan Lee McCarthy has another outlet for his creativity in the form of Many Blessings. Understandably sharing much of the same DNA as Primitive Man, Many Blessings offers a goosebump-inducing ominous atmosphere. Leaning heavily towards noise and drone, McCarthy creates apocalyptic soundscapes to soundtrack every existential quandary that haunts your sleepless nights.

Always hungry for more of those foundation-shattering creations, we commissioned Ethan to create new Many Blessings material that will premiere during Roadburn Redux. Although we’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the grand unveiling of this exclusive new music, we have every expectation that it will burrow its way under our skin and remain with us for much longer.

Ethan told us: “I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be able to provide a piece of commissioned music for Roadburn. I know that recorded music doesn’t exactly satiate the need for a live performance, but hopefully in a year’s time we will all be hugging, kissing & spitting in each other’s mouths while banging our heads, arm in arm together, in person.”

Many Blessings will perform their commissioned composition as part of Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.

Date: April 16

Time: 21.15 CEST

Type: Audio and Video Premieres

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