You can't stop steel with Midnight at Roadburn 2019

If at first you don’t succeed, keep tolling the Funeral Bell and Rip This Hell until you achieve Savage Dominance! That’s right, Roadburners – we have a Melting Brain just thinking about it, but 2019 is finally the year when we will be Crushed By Demons, as Midnight will finally rip our stages apart and Take You To Hell with their unholy Black Rock ‘n’ Roll!

You might remember we first tried to Turn Up The Hell back in 2016, a rare European visit by this Cleveland mob that turned out to be cancelled, but we never give up on a good thing. We kept them in our sights, always Ready For Destruction. Sure, us Roadburners are a sophisticated bunch. We have our Cross Held High for our avant-garde, our intellectual and experimental music, our groundbreakers and envelope-pushers. But as years of Roadburn Metal Discos have more than made clear, we are also all metalheads and Vomit Queens at our core, and sometimes all we want is just a fucking blast of Lust, Filth And Sleaze, and that’s just what this twisted, bastard offspring of a Venom, Motörhead and Sodom threesome of debauchery, complete with Screams Of Blasphemy and a devil-may-care attitude which GG Allin himself would surely have been proud of, will provide – the most reckless amount of fun you can have at a concert without breaking the law, or at least too many of them.

Pack your leather jackets, bullet belts and face masks, because you’ll surely need them when Midnight ride On The Wings Of Satan!

Jose Carlos Santos

Date: April 11

Time: 21.50-22.40

Stage: Koepelhal

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