Roadburn 2022 will host Midwife’s heaven metal

Madeline Johnston—or Midwife, as the multi-instrumentalist is better known—flips the traditional definition of musical heaviness on its head with her latest work, Luminol. Conceptually, it is a case study in loneliness, confinement, self-harm and the realisation that humanity teeters on a precipice. Musically, Midwife’s “heaven metal” is a restrained, overwhelmingly sad trek through swirling guitars, sad piano and melancholic, almost ethereal, vocals, as if Isis were reanimated as a dream pop band.

Performing alone, Midwife will bring a slice of heaven to Roadburn 2022.  Her experimental/pop-based approach to heavy music sets her apart from other bands on the bill yet connects them on a deeper, creative level. Originally due to be part of a showcase for The Flenser in 2020, we’re delighted that Midwife is still able to join us for 2022.

“Roadburn sets the precedent for heavy music and genre pushing worldwide,” says Johnston. “I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be a part of this inspiring community of artists. “

-Vince Bellino

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA