Milena Eva & Thomas Sciarone to host curated event at Roadburn 2022

The duo at the heart of GGGOLDDD, Thomas Sciarone and Milena Eva are passionate music fans, curious creators and enthusiastic explorers of art. They are also the Roadburn 2022 curators – a position that they have fully embraced over the last few months behind the scenes. Roadburn 2022 will see them performing their commissioned project, This Shame Should Not Be Mine (this time in front of a live audience), as well as taking on the curatorship role – the first artists to have notched up both honours at the festival. 

If you were as awed as we were by their Roadburn Redux performance of This Shame Should Not Be Mine, you’ll have an inkling of why our thoughts turned to them when picking our curators for the next edition of the festival. Not only did they grasp the commission with both hands and give it their all, they displayed a fearlessness and experimental attitude that ultimately resulted in a breathtaking performance; a show that saw them truly coming into their own. 

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers said
This Shame Should Not Be Mine, elevated GGGOLDDD to a whole new level, as it made such a huge impact – musically, emotionally, and spiritually. The intimate connection felt by everyone online will be greatly amplified at Roadburn 2022, and we could think of no one better than Milena and Thomas to get us all reconnected.

We figured that if they approached a curatorship with even half the zeal and consideration we saw at Roadburn Redux, then we’d be in safe hands. Coupled with our insider knowledge that the pair have an eclectic taste in music, a keen eye for emerging talent, and a background steeped in creative endeavours, they were the ideal candidates. Thomas first caught our ear way back when, as a guitarist for The Devil’s Blood, and when creatively united with Milena, the evolution of GGGOLDDD has been thrilling to observe. 

In a year where putting together a festival presents unprecedented challenges, we knew that musicians close to home, who knew the festival inside out would be a good fit. Despite uncertainty and the unforgiving parameters necessitated by the pandemic, Thomas and Milena’s enthusiasm and boldness has shone through.

Therefore, it is with great honour that we welcome them back to Roadburn, into a new role, and as part of the 2022 team. We’ll leave the final words to them, to let them set the scene for what they have in store…

”Roadburn’s credo Redefining heaviness is close to our heart. We’re continuously on the prowl for new music that pushes the boundaries of what we consider dark and heavy. And honestly, what a time to be alive. There are tons of artists across all genres and territories that excite us and inspire us with their takes and perspectives. From hip hop to black metal, from Australia to Canada. And everything in between. To be able to curate some of the most exciting artists at our absolute favourite festival is more than a dream come true. Most of these are newcomers to the Roadburn stage and they are sure to shape the future of heavy music.”

-Becky Laverty