The Japanese Psych Experience: Minami Deutsch

Minami Deutsch make the magical achievements of motorik-pioneers like Can and Neu! accessible to a whole new generation. Self professed repetition freaks, they hit a genuine Krautrock nerve underpinned by an otherworldliness that recalls the hypnotic yet electronic pulses of Tangerine Dream or minimal techno. On top of this, Minami Deutsch also propel their mostly instrumental neo-kraurock into blistering fuzz-rock territory. All tension-and-release, and driving straight into your heady skull, the band does it all so well that they can stand tall amongst their trailblazing forefathers, as we’ll experience on Friday, April 20 at the 013 venue.

With progressive rock and improvisational legend Damo Suzuki being present at Roadburn 2018 to join mind energies with Earthless as part of their residency, the former Can-singer will be fronting Minami Deutsch as well — prompting the band to improvise alongside him on Saturday, April 21. This is a performance not to be missed, as with Damo Suzuki at the helm of one of the most genuine neo-krautrock bands around, they will keep the impromptu feel of this groundbreaking genre alive, but without being a throwback — plain and simple!

The Japanese Psych Experience:
In conjunction with the San Diego Takeover, Roadburn 2018 will also host the Japanese psych experience! Steeped in ’60s and ’70s tradition, these bands free mind and body in loose and freewheeling fashion, like the Nippon-based psychedelic pioneers of yore.

Building bridges between German krautrock and classic Indian raga, or traditional folk, motorik grooves and seemingly endless jams, this burgeoning scene is relatively small in their native country, but their freeform presence is strongly felt throughout Europe, and all the way up to California, leading to a global cult-following.

We’re not talking about exotic outsiders here, or a bunch of Japanese longhairs simply rocking out, and trying to emulate their peers from the US. These bands are exploring psychedelia in a transportive and meditative way. Emphasis is put on the past, but they’re pushing the envelope, and it’s their forward-looking vision that’s prompted us to bring them to Roadburn 2018.

Centered around cult-label GuruGuruBrain, the following bands will perform as the Japanese counterparts of the San Diego Takeover:

Kikagaku Moyo
Minami Deutsch

To make sure that you’ll witness these psych/folk pilgrims at their experimental best — alone, or in case of Minami Deutsch, also with one of Japan‘s most-revered musical progenitors, Damo Suzuki (of Can)– we have asked these bands to collaborate with their San Diego cohorts.

Spearheaded by Earthless, the resulting the East Meets West-jam will take place Saturday, April 21. It will be extremely exciting to see how both scenes will bring their improv-psychedelia together, as improvisation is a key element to all, but from completely different perspectives.

Please brace yourself to explore the sonic spectrum with these new champions of Japanese psych!

The San Diego Takeover and The Japanese Psych Experience are supported by Brabant C and Performing Arts Fund NL.

Date: April 20 | 21

Time: 20.00 | 16.40

Type: Green Room