MIZMOR presents Wit's End

When MIZMOR performed at Roadburn 2018, they were one of the runaway success stories of that edition; those lucky enough to catch the show had others cursing timetable clashes as word spread of the spellbinding performance. The set eventually spawned the Yodh – Live at Roadburn release the following year. And since then, MIZMOR – the brainchild of A.L.N – has released not only the ground-breaking album, Cairn, but also collaborated with Andrew Black for the experimental release Dialetheia.

Of course, we were due to welcome MIZMOR back to Roadburn in 2020 – a reunion and a celebration of this wonderful and ever-evolving creative outlet for one of our favourite, forward thinking musicians. But life had other plans and that got put on ice. However, we’re delighted to announce that A.L.N agreed to work on a specially commissioned piece of music that will premiere during Roadburn Redux.

Titled Wit’s End, this brand new, fifteen minute track will make its debut accompanied by an original video made specially for the release by Zev Deans. The track will make an appearance on an upcoming MIZMOR release via Gilead Media later this year, but for now details of that remain under wraps.

Of the piece, A.L.N told us: ”Wit’s End” was inspired by the idea of the Great Filter within the Fermi Paradox. The lyrics postulate that consciousness has inherent self-destructive properties and that we, as manifestations of order within an ultimately chaotic universe, exist here temporarily; like everything else, we are subject to the laws of thermodynamics. Entropy will ultimately prevail and we are merely here to help break down energy as part of that process. Though it is phenomenal, consciousness is not some eternal, ethereal, metaphysical or otherwise mystical force, but is a product of biochemistry and ultimately physics that will itself ultimately undergo the same fate as everything else in the universe: coming to nothingness (and probably sooner rather than later).

“This song is an ode to all those who adopt superstitious and grandiose beliefs about mankind, its “spirit,” and its place within the cosmos. This idea is presented through the lens of our current struggles as a society. I’ve found myself utterly appalled by the increase in willingness and eagerness to accept misinformation, disinformation, alternative facts, conspiracy theorism, cultism, and religiosity in us as a people. I feel this as a depressing weight, having trekked the better part of ten years from Christianity to atheism. “Wit’s End” has multiple meanings here – masses of people have an exponentially decreasing sense of reason, I am at a loss for words witnessing it, and ultimately all understanding will come to an end anyway as we war against our natural fate.”

Whilst there’s plenty there to whet your appetites, if you want to witness the unveiling of the latest creation from one of the most alluring artists in the American black metal scene, then we’ll see you 16-18 April for this exclusive and limited track premiere.

Becky Laverty
Pic: Emma Ruth Rundle

Date: April 17

Time: 20.20 CEST

Type: Audio and Video Premieres