Mizmor returns to Roadburn, performing Cairn in full

Cairn, the third album from one-man funeral doom luminary Mizmor, is a high-water mark for the genre. Comprised of four momentous tracks, Cairn is epic on a scale that few of Mizmor’s peers have even scratched the surface of. 

If you’ve never heard the album, you don’t have to take our word for it. Singer-songwriter-curator extraordinaire Emma Ruth Rundle tapped Mizmor—founder A.L.N. and a live band—to perform Cairn as part of her 2020 installation, which for all too familiar reasons never came to be. Mizmor will finally perform the album in full at Roadburn 2022, a full two-and-a-half years since their last performance. This momentous performance is like a funeral dirge for the last two years of instability and a more fitting artist there could not be.

Regarding their return to the stage and the significance of Roadburn to the band, A.L.N. says: “We are beyond thrilled to return to the stage at Roadburn 2022. It’s been a dark couple years and I can think of no sweeter a welcome-back than our favorite festival. Can’t wait to see you all there.”

If you were lucky enough to catch Mizmor live at Roadburn back in 2018, you’ll know that the live incarnation more than lives up to the recordings. So it is with great excitement and much anticipation that we look forward to welcoming Mizmor back to Roadburn.

Vince Bellino

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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