Motor!k to mainline the kosmische tradition of Krautrock at Roadburn 2020

Stepping out of their comfort zone, Belgium’s Dirk Ivens (known for his industrial/minimalist work with The Klinik and Dive) together with guitarist/synthesist Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts Of J. Albert) and drummer Dries D’Hollander (ex-Suburb Songs), forges a new path artistically and musically with Motor!k. Together they celebrate the roots of electronica in krautrock – highlighting a glorious and underexplored kosmische tradition.

The band’s propulsive, autobahn-friendly and modern take on this experimental, purpose-driven psychedelia proves that the pioneering of NEU!, Harmonia, Cluster, Kraftwerk and Popul Vuh is still captivating and highly influential. Motor!k’s impressive self-titled debut is considered a real insider tip (a “Geheimtipp,” if you will) among European psych heads – exhilarating live reports are frantically emerging from their performances in Belgium, including word that Motor!k stole 2019’s Yellowstock Festival.

As avid devotees of the motorik beat, we’re really happy to add the band to the lineup on Thursday, 16 April. Along with Acid Rooster, Alber Jupiter and Die Wilde Jagd, Motor!k ranks amongst krautrock’s most exciting modern-day heirs, ensuring the style is not some obscurity from a bygone era, but a thriving, living sound, always moving forward even as it acknowledges its past.

Pic: DQpix

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame

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