As part of Jacob Bannon’s curation, Motorpsycho will perform at Roadburn Festival 2018

Motorpsycho are a prolific band from Norway. Since the late 80s they have eluded classification while blending progressive/psychedelic, grunge, metal, jazz and indie influences into a sound all their own. This constant evolution has been documented through countless ambitious albums and EPs for nearly three decades.

“When discussing with Walter potential artists that fit the experimental spirit of Roadburn Festival, we both landed on the idea of Motorpsycho. I was first exposed to the band through their “Demon Box” album and have attempted to follow their unique twists and turns since. Their output is legendary and their need for experimentation has been inspiring to follow over the years. It is an true honor to help bring this diverse voice to the Roadburn audience”Jacob Bannon.

Date: April 20

Time: 15.10

Stage: Main Stage