Get your earplugs ready for No Spill Blood at Roadburn 2017

Joining the already impressive roster for John Dyer Baizley’s curated event on Saturday, April 22 at Het Patronaat in Tilburg, The Netherlands is No Spill Blood. This Irish act’s fusion of muscular, sludgy punk energy and swirling synthesizer noise makes for triumphant, instantly memorable songs that defy easy categorization.

While “synths plus guitars” could easily make for a gimmick, No Spill Blood transcends obvious cash grabs to create music that is impassioned and forceful in its hypnotic bludgeoning, making them sure to be on the must-see list for many unsuspecting attendees at this year’s Roadburn. With a driving sense of creative inertia guiding their high energy performance, this trio will impress and entrance even the most jaded listener.

For more on their inclusion, we’ll let John explain his excitement:

“My next announcement for Roadburn 2017 is a band who thoroughly blew me away when I toured with them early this year in the UK: No Spill Blood. I have always sought to keep the bands I tour with as diverse as possible, owing primarily to the fact that many of the greatest musical discoveries I’ve made as a show-goer have been a result of watching those supporting bands, opening for larger acts, who exist well outside the perceived musical realm of the headliners.”

“Those artists who subvert the notion that more-popular bands must tour with similar sounding support acts. In fact, often these surprise discoveries eclipse the potency of the headliner, because we, as ticket buyers, generally know what we’re getting ourselves into with bands whose catalogues we are already familiar with. Enter No Spill Blood, who I discovered based on an incredible live performance video I discovered while researching UK-based acts. The music was not only played incredibly well, with all the gusto, bravura and density of more typical “heavy” bands, but most noticeably it was done WITHOUT the traditional setup.”

“In lieu of guitars, this trio used synthesizers, which were not only competitive against the more standard template, but in some ways allowed extrapolation, evolution, and improvement on the familiar sound. In less capable hands, the notion of a three-piece synth-driven heavy-rock/hardcore band could have led to a huge misstep in execution and presentation; but No Spill Blood had found a format that worked so well, the specifics of their setup are rendered irrelevant.”

“We don’t need to critique instrumentation, if the sound is as glorious and powerful as this, nor do we care if the songs are well made and played with an earnest passion. The simple truth is, they’ve written great songs, and I can emphatically vouch for their live show, as I am fortunate enough to have been their tour-mate for a week or two. Trust me, guitars alone do not a heavy band make. Get your earplugs ready.”

No Spill Blood will play at Roadburn 2017 on Saturday, April 22 at Het Patronaat in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Date: April 22

Time: 14:30

Type: Het Patronaat