COMMISSIONED: Of Blood and Mercury performing The Other Side Of Death

On paper, it may have seemed like a gamble to invite Of Blood and Mercury to Roadburn 2020 – off the back of their debut album, and performing only their second ever show. But with an electrifying presence and a solid pedigree between them (both Olivier J.LW and Michelle Nocon had performed at Roadburn previously with Emptiness and Bathsheba) we knew we were on to a sure bet. For Roadburn Redux, we’re rolling the dice again with an absolutely steady hand – once again we have every confidence we have lined up something that will be a treat for us all.

This April, Of Blood and Mercury will perform a commissioned piece called The Other Side of Death, a soundtrack that will move us through the first moments of after-life. They promise that our earthly perception of time, space, sound, and feeling will fall apart. Not fully here, nor there, nowhere and everywhere; the lie about death is the beginning of the lie about life.

Putting their own distinctive twist on a sonic exploration of death, they tell us:
“We are driven to take on this project to push ourselves into unknown territory, both with the performance as with the topic itself. With the Great Conjunction happening, matters such as death and rebirth have been illuminated. We feel though that our general concept of death is fragmented, defective and maybe even completely false. We can only speculate, and it is exactly that speculation we will put into music. Our path might seem chaotically winding, but in the end it’s a straight path to death.”

Inspired by their own interpretations of conceptual death in religious and historical literature, they liken the process to an abstract painting. On record, their ethereal dream pop has the ability to transform and distort reality. Live, the possibilities are endless – and with a subject matter that is without known limits – we can expect to be whisked away on a journey through what is yet to be fully explored or articulated. We can think of no better companions with which to explore The Other Side of Death.

Of Blood and Mercury will perform The Other Side of Death at Roadburn Redux, between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 18:40 CEST

Type: Live Streams