Of Blood And Mercury to unveil their mythical debut album at Roadburn 2020

We love introducing new bands to Roadburn audiences, and we know we’re really holding true to that aim when a band is unveiling their debut album at their second ever show, and it’s here – with us – at Roadburn. That’s exactly what we’re planning to do this April with Of Blood and Mercury.

The figures on stage may not be entirely unfamiliar to you however, as Olivier J.LW and Michelle Nocon have both performed at Roadburn under different guises. They tell us: “We are really looking forward to play our second live gig at Roadburn and unveil our first album on stage. Coming from the extreme metal scene, there’s an excitement to play a different kind of music from what we were used to. Michelle and I kept a great memory of the festival in 2017 when we played with our other bands Emptiness and Bathsheba.”

The divergence from the heaviness of their other projects may come as a surprise to some, but any hesitance will be washed away with their majestic dark dream pop. The album they’ll be presented is titled Strangers; a collection of ten missives expressing a longing for a time and place that one remembers but never experienced. They describe it as making a connection between two separate worlds: the material one and the work of ghosts.”

Their ethereal mysticism has us captivated already, and we have every confidence as they open the door to the magical world they’ve created, you’ll be on board for the trip too.

Becky Laverty / January 2020

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame