Succumb to the New Dark Age of Offermose

Craving tidal waves of shape shifting sounds that open wide the hidden portal of the mind and the twisted trails to the distant light within thyself? Look no further – from the bottomless depths of murky forest lakes to the unfathomable reaches of primordial cosmos, Offermose will rise with yet another dark ritual of sacrifice, this time exclusively for Roadburn Redux.

A follow-up to his critically acclaimed sophomore album Stilhedens Tårn, Offermose will control your mind by conjuring up monolithic, dark and even icy soundscapes reminiscent of a more bewitching Tangerine Dream, while offering breathtaking vistas of arcane worlds long forgotten. A sacred universe where spectral guardians whisper ancient knowledge craved in crumbling stone.

In this focused and meditative set, Offermose calls upon us to rekindle the dying flame at the very core of our being, accompanied by the visuals of the druids of Last Oblivion. Imagery carefully concocted from a thousand glowing vials to stimulate the necrophoric receptors of a broken heart.

So simply lay down and give in – succumb to the New Dark Age of Offermose as part of Roadburn Redux, which will take place between April 16 – 18.

Date: April 17

Time: 19.30 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets