AUDIO AND TRACK PREMIERES (Pelagic Presents): Oslo Tapes delivering a music video for a new track taken from ØR

As part of Roadburn Redux, we have joined forces with Germany’s Pelagic Records to showcase artists on the label’s roster under the banner ‘Pelagic Presents.’ With no indication of slowing down, this positively prolific label is churning out stellar release after stellar release, even during the last twelve challenging months. Join us as we team up to bring you an exciting collection of premiers, exclusive performances and more. Brace yourselves, we’re going deep…

Just to keep you on your toes, despite their moniker Oslo Tapes hail from Italy, and they produce a head-spinning take on avant-garde rock with a sprinkling of prog and a twist or two of psychedelic synths. Freshly signed to Pelagic Records with their first album for the label due to land this summer in the shape of the awe-inspiring ØR, we’re delighted to have Oslo Tapes on board for Roadburn Redux.

They’ll be delivering a music video for a new track taken from ØR, but prepare yourself for something special. Of their new material Oslo Tapes mastermind Marco Campitelli told us: “This release represents a new way to express ourselves through composition and sound. The sound is intense and it talks to us all. Sometimes I can hear it whispering in my head some other times I feel it as a pit in my stomach. It’s like a mystic journey in space.”

Oslo Tapes will be a part of Pelagic Presents at Roadburn Redux, which is happening April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 14.00 CEST

Type: Audio and Video Premieres