Ovtrenoir to dim the Roadburn lights

Dehn Sora will be a busy man on the first day of Not only will he be wowing us with his Treha Sektori solo endeavour, but he will also pick up a guitar and join bandmates William Lacalmontie (also a renowned photographer), Julien Taubregeas (The Great Divide) and Angeline Seguelas, a quartet collectively known as Ovtrenoir.

While still a relatively young act, their debut EP from 2016 stated their sonic intentions in no uncertain terms – a hard-hitting slab of sludgy post-metal, giving off occasional vibes of the best works of bands such as Cult Of Luna, Morneor Process Of Guilt, it was a fine example of how the genre can still progress while maintaining the heaviness and the darkness that define it.  With a single called Inherit The Dust released earlier this year proving they’re as hungry and angry as ever, Ovtrenoir are all set to become one of the bleakest discoveries of Roadburn 2019

José Carlos Santos / November 2018

Date: April 11

Time: 22.50-23.40

Stage: Hall of Fame

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