Panopticon To Treat Roadburn 2018 To Two Seperate Sets

For the past decade, Austin Lunn has created some of the most evocative and personal American black metal in relative isolation. While the man himself can be found at HammerHeart Brewing in Minnesota, the band itself remained a studio only project until its live debut just last year. With only a few shows under their belt in this brief time period, the band has astounded and delighted with each appearance in their short live tenure.

We are very excited to welcome Panopticon to the festival as part of the 2018 Roadburn lineup. With his uniquely earthen take on black metal fused with traditional Appalachian folk music, Lunn and his bandmates conjure up the ghosts of America’s short but brutal and bloodstained history in a haunting fashion.

To make this special appearance even more tremendous, we’ll be treated to two separate sets during the festival. On Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat, Panopticon will perform selected songs from a new double album entitled The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness. The chance to see new, unreleased material is always a thrill and we couldn’t be more delighted to offer the chance to witness this in such a fitting venue.

On Saturday, April 21 at 013 venue, a career spanning set will be performed in which audiences can expect songs from the band’s entire catalogue, from the rawer, vicious material compiled on the early On the Subject of Mortality collection to the groundbreaking bluegrass-heavy Kentucky to the shimmering melody and majesty of recent releases Roads to the North and Autumn Eternal.

With such a vast body of work to draw from, Panopticon is sure to surprise and delight even concertgoers who “know” what to expect. The only certainty about the shows are that they will be gripping from start to finish and that many pints will be raised during the band’s show. This is a rare treat and we can’t wait to feel the soot and smoke in our hearts and heads as Panopticon levels the venue.

Panopticon will perform in Het Patronaat on Friday, April 20 and in 013 on Saturday, April 21.

Ben Handleman / September 2017

Date: April 20 | 21

Time: 17.00 | 17.10

Stage: Het Patronaat | Main Stage

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