Pinkish Black bring their minimalist doom to Tilburg

In a conversation about artists pushing the doom sub-genre forward, Pinkish Black’s name should always be mentioned. Their take on doom is often minimalist, always synth-driven and frequently haunting, like John Carpenter emerging from the fog clutching copies of the Suspiria and Turn Loose the Swans, both played until the grooves wore out. Their last album, Concept Unification, was inspired by the childhood trauma of watching the local pizza joint’s animatronic band turned into Chuck E. Cheese and his commercialized band of rockers.

Pinkish Black’s synths-over-guitars flavor of doom takes traditional expectations of what defines heaviness and flips them on their head, without ever abandoning the core tenets of the genre. While the duo may not be for everyone, they are certainly for Roadburn and we are thrilled to reconvene with Pinkish Black when they perform at Roadburn 2022.

Our excitement is matched by the band, who says, “The last time we played Roadburn was one the best experiences we’ve had as a band or as individuals and we are overjoyed to be invited back to perform in 2022.”

Vince Bellino

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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