ALBUM PREMIERE: Plague Organ performing Orphan in full

In keeping with our thirst for both experimental music and delivering exclusive performances, we’re thrilled to announce that Roadburn will host the debut live performance from Plague Organ. The duo comprising of René Aquarius (Cryptae, Imperial Cult, Horrid Apparition, Dead Neanderthals, etc) and recording engineer Marlon Wolterink (White Noise Studio and one half of the band Meglamancha) is a black/death/noise amalgam that will give you nightmares for weeks to come.

Sentient Ruin released Plague Organ’s debut album last year – a sprawling mass of tangled elements, clawing at the borders of various genres – if you’ve got a spare forty minutes and a void to fill then Orphan will give you night terrors, existential dread and quite possibly hellscape hallucinations in abundance. As for what’s coming our way in April? Prepare for a ritual like no other.

The oppressive atmosphere conjured up by these two will be spilling out over the 013’s main stage this April as they make their first live outing. This performance was originally due to happen at Le Guess Who? Festival in 2020 so the legendary festival is collaborating with us to present this show as part of Roadburn Redux. Performing Orphan in full, Plague Organ will be bolstering their numbers and their aural abhorrence with fellow Dead Neanderthal, Otto Kokke. Promising nothing but audio violence, Plague Organ will deliver a disorienting show which will – quite frankly – make you glad you’re sitting down for this one.

Plague Organ will perform at Roadburn in collaboration with Le Guess Who?Roadburn Redux is taking place between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 19.00 CEST

Type: Live Streams

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