SVART SESSIONS: Polymoon performing Caterpillars of Creation in full

SVART Records is at the heart of some of the most exciting and boundary pushing releases that cross our paths here at Roadburn HQ. For Roadburn Redux we’re delighted to have teamed up with the venerable label to present a handful of performances by bands that truly epitomise what the label is all about. It gives us great pleasure to introduce these bands to you, and bring them to your homes this April under the banner of Svart Sessions.

Marking the first ever performance for an international audience, Polymoon are preparing to play their critically acclaimed debut album, Caterpillars of Creation, as part of the Svart Sessions at Roadburn Redux. As we’ve come to expect from the Svart stable of artists, Polymoon are extremely comfortable embracing both the weird and the wonderful. Not gone down this particular rabbit hole yet? Polymoon’s guitarist Jesse Jaksola lets us know what to expect:

“We will be presenting our six track psych prog explosion in its entirety as a part of Roadburn Festival 2021!

“Caterpillars of Creation is an existential story about an attempt to climb to a mountain at the center of the universe. At the summit, enlightenment and liberation from the shackles of physical life are awaiting. Everyone is bound to climb, some for the first and some for the last time. Caterpillars of Creation is about searching your true self and the deepest essence of the world.

“Caterpillars of Creation was created by us to help ourselves understand the world and our existence better but now it’s time to present the answers that it provided us to a broader audience. We are beyond thrilled to perform it at Roadburn Festival virtually this year!”

We’re ready for whatever lessons Polymoon are preparing to teach us!

Polymoon will perform at Svart Sessions – part of Roadburn Redux which will take place between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 16

Time: 21.40 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets